Nello studio di Charles Forsman

We’ve visited Charles Forsman’s studio. The author of Celebrated Summer and The End of the Fucking World is now debuting in Italy with the Italian edition of TEOTFW.


What projects are you currently working on?

Right now I am working on the last chapter of Slasher. It’s a blood and sex comic about a girl who starts killing because it makes her feel good. Also there is a kind of love story which I tend to have in my comics. Finishing this up is my most pressing concern. Once that is done, I’m going to do a Revenger Christmas Special and also start a new ongoing serialization for my Patreon.


Which instruments/tools do you use for drawing?

Right now I mainly use a Kuru Toga mechanical pencil with pretty soft lead. I ink with Windsor & Newton Spider ink. Using a combination of a Gillott 1068a nib and whatever cheap brush I have on hand. Usually a size round 3 or 4. I use Pro white or a Uni Ball Signo white gel pen for mistakes of drawing in white. I do all this on Strathmore 300 bristol. For layouts I’ve recently moved to using OneNote on my laptop. I tend to be pretty unorganized so it’s nice to have all my notes and thumbnails on the computer where it’s harder for me to misplace them.


Do you have any peculiar habits or routines before starting to draw?

Not really. I know some people do warm up drawings and stuff but I don’t do that. I don’t even keep sketchbook anymore because I don’t really enjoy drawing unless it’s for a comic.


Do you have books or comic books you keep close by when you draw?

Right now I’ve keeping Munoz and Sampayo’s Alack Sinner nearby as it is a big influence on how I’m currently drawing. When I’ve feeling lost or like the drawings just aren’t coming out well, I will look at work like that an it can help sometimes. I also keep the most recent issues of Slasher nearby in case I forget how I drew something or a character’s name or what clothes they were wearing.


Are there certain objects in your studio which you’re particularly attached to?

Last year my mom gave me my dad’s bronzed baby shoes. They are sitting on the window sill. It’s nice to have a piece of him around. He passed when I was eleven.