Sunday Page: Box Brown su “Terror Assaulter” di Benjamin Marra [NSFW]

This Sunday I’m out with Box Brown, author of Bellen! and Everything Dies. His most famous work is perhaps André The Giant, dedicated to the french wrestler.

Terror Assaulter Benjamin Marra

I thought about this for a while and I decided on this page from Benjamin Marra’s OMWOT: One Man War on Terror publishing in 2015 by Fantagraphics books.

There’s nothing special about the lay-out of this page, it’s pretty basic.  But when I read the book this page made laugh out loud pretty hard.  The concept of the book is that OMWOT is a pure ID character, an extreme action hero. John Rambo to the Nth Degree. Marra subverts the genre by having the main character be bisexual.  He regularly will stop, in the middle of the action, to have sex with whoever is around. In this page he is landing half of a plane, while having anal sex with the copilot and manually controlling the planes yoke AND his partner’s cock!

It’s funny because the last panel looks like a Hays Code-approved euphemism but you actually see the act.

The repetition of the panel to show their orgasms got me. I really like his inking style and minimal coloring as well.

Did you choose OMWOT just because it was one of the newest book you read or did it hit you in a particular way?

well, I am a fan of Marra’s work and I did recently pick this up at SPX.  But, I was laughing super hard at the work, my wife thought I was losing it.