5 fumetti scelti e commentati da James Sturm

American comics artist James Sturm – author of Market Day and Americana – tells us about his most recents readings.

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, by Emil Ferris

James Sturm fumetti My Favorite Thing is Monsters Emil Ferris Fantagraphics

This book lives up to all its rave reviews. I loved it’s sense of place, the drawing, the characters, and its story (an exhilarating dance between humanity and inhumanity). Emil invokes many artists throughout the book but there’s something about her style that reminded me of Reginald Marsh’s painting.

Bumf, by Joe Sacco

James Sturm fumetti Bumf Sacco

I missed this Joe Sacco book when it first came out and was glad to have it recommended to me by Art Spiegelman. Bumf is a dark and brilliant political satire. Joe’s densely hatched artwork is drawn with total conviction and imbues even the most absurd passages with something that feels like truth.

Spinning, by Tillie Walden

James Sturm fumetti spinning Walden

I saw this coming-of-age story in its early stage of development and the finished work still caught me by surprise. One of Tillie’ greatest gifts as a cartoonist (and there are many) is being able to emotionally connect with her reader. Her cartooning is graceful, heartfelt, and enchanting.

Best of Enemies: A History of US and Middle East Relations, Part One: 1783-1953, by Jean-Pierre Filiu and David B

This is a really well done graphic history. The writing is insightful, concise and masterfully integrated with the inventive artwork. Every single panel David B. draws is stunning. Every single one.

Mongraph, by Chris Ware

What can you say about Chris’ work that hasn’t already been said? For my money he’s the most brilliant cartoonist alive and this mid-career self-evaluation only deepens this conviction. I deeply appreciate how much care Chris puts into his work. Monograph offers much insight to how both Chris’ intelligence and his intuition inform his cartooning practice.

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